Day 11 of 21

017c64048d7f774ddb1350726ff4b011946f157de7Today was super exciting for two reasons: my hot pink bathing suit from J Crew arrived three days early, and it was Lower Fix Extreme (I LOVE leg day)! As you can see from my photo above i woke up pretty hungry, in fact I dove into my toast before I remembered to take a photo! I swapped my planned morning and afternoon snack so that my Shakeology would keep my cravings and hunger levels low. Lower Fix Extreme was the workout of the day, and it felt amazing to be back to working out with my husband.


  • Whole Grain Sprouted Toast
  • Two Scrambled Eggs
  • Strawberries

Snack 1:

  • Strawberry Shakeology and Frozen Mixed Berries


  • Chicken Balsamic Salad

Snack 2:

  • Pear
  • Shakeology Bar

011f3188e36b086e4859fd6886006fc6868e14eb83Dinner: David cooked dinner tonight; my legs were so shot after the workout that I didn’t think I could stand to make dinner! Thank goodness David’s leg were in good enough shape that he could stand to make dinner while I took a recovery bubble bath. We added extra black beans to the recipe to make it a full yellow container per serving. This is one of the best turkey chili recipes we have made on the fix!

  • Chili (Recipe from the 21 Day Fix Extreme Book)

Workout: If you haven’t figured it out yet, today was Lower Fix Extreme!!!! I think this stems from my years as a softball player and track and field thrower (javelin, shot put and discus), but leg workouts have always been my strength. I always had chunky thighs growing up, but the best part about the Beachbody workouts is I finally have the toned legs I have always desired. To be honest they may not look slim to you, but to me they are strong and perfect! I have lost a total of 4 1/2 inches from each of my thighs, since starting my weight01ed12fa43b3dcffde7e602f25c8d9c9b45cea7d3b loss journey. I can wear skinny jeans and shorts and my thighs don’t get that nasty rash from rubbing anymore. To me that makes the 30 minutes of pain on leg day worth every rep! If you read my last review of lower fix, the exercises are a minute long with 30 seconds of a slow weighted rep followed by jumping from the same position without the weights. Several times I had to shake my legs out during the jumps, but then I was able to finish the 30 seconds of jumping. I was able to make it through the entire workout without pausing or skipping any reps. Our golden loves it when we are jumping during our workouts, she likes to stand up on her hind legs and participate! I tried to put her in a down stay, but she was amped up and wanted to play. By my fitbit HR calculation, we burned 280 calories in 30 minutes, and our turkey chili was well earned.


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