Day 5 of 21


Day 5 was another office day. This requires me to prep all of my food the night before, due to having to leave the house by 5:20 am. Since I was attending an offsite conference, I knew I needed a shake to keep me nice and full for the four hours of data analysis lecture (I struggle with being hungry when I’m bored and let me tell you these meetings are anything but exciting….).  I was full all day but my legs were still quiet sore from Lower Fix Extreme. While I had the energy I needed for Cardio Fix Extreme, I struggled with having the power I needed from my legs for the more explosive jumps.

Breakfast: IMG_7806 Due to having to travel across the city to the location of the meeting, I knew I had to eat an early breakfast. I hate eating my breakfast right at 6am because that means I have to wait 3 hours until my shake. I decided on a piece of peanut butter toast, which tends to keep me pretty full (I needed to use up both of my teaspoons for the day, hence the large quantity of peanut butter slathered on my whole grain sprouted toast). I also had two of the mini vegetable egg cups (see Recipe section) drowned in my favorite hot sauce. It was 2 degrees when I left for the office, so I liked the idea of hot sauce to warm me back up before having to brave the cold again for my meeting.

Snack 1: Repeated from yesterday, Double Berry Shakeology and an Orange (I prepped the berries and ice the night before in a ziplock bag to IMG_7809so I could make the shake faster early in the morning.  I poured this plus the Shakeology and water into the blender and save myself several minutes of finding a purple container, measuring fruit, and fighting with our ancient ice trays). The cup in my photo is the shaker cup that comes with the plan. It is huge! I love that I can fit my larger shakes in this cup or transport a large amount of water to work with me (D.C. public water is so gross, so if you plan on visiting, bring a lot of water or you will end up paying a large amount for bottled water).

Lunch: I talked my coworkers out of lunch out after the meeting so that I could stick to the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I am not saying you can’t go out to eat on the 21 Day Fix Extreme (there are great salads, soups, or lean proteins available at a lot of restaurants today) but my coworkers wanted to eat at places that served pizza only or sushi (for some reason the sushi place they picked didn’t have sashimi, which would work quiet well on this plan). I had my quick meal of a sweet potato, baked chicken, and broccoli. I added freshly ground cinnamon to my sweet potato to jazz it up. My mom introduced me to a cinnamon mill the last time I was home and I’m in love with freshly ground cinnamon. You can find them at your local grocery store, and you use so much less cinnamon using this method.

Snack 2: Almonds and an Orange (I can’t wait to get to the grocery store tomorrow to get more fruit variety!)

Dinner: Leftover fajitas (see Day 4 for Recipe). I think the fajitas are even better day 2, it gives the spices more time to soak into the vegetables and chicken. Today I skipped the salsa and taco dip and added a little hot sauce for flavor and freshly diced tomatoes.

Workout: Cardio Fix Extreme is 4 rounds, 2 exercises each round with a 30 second cardio interval in between, as in the other workouts you repeat each round one time. The workout is 32 minutes IMG_7831long including the warm-up and cool-down. This workout does not use the resistance band, but does use both your light and heavy weights. During the warm-up I could feel all of the work from yesterday’s Lower Fix Extreme. Each round has two one minutes exercises, by about 30 seconds on the weighted leg exercises I had begun to struggle with muscle fatigue, but I was not about to give up! While the weighted exercises pushed you, the cardio intervals were quiet simple moves (run in place, basic jumping jacks, etc.), which allowed you to focus on increasing your heart rate. There were two moves in this workout that I was happy she included a modifier: Jack Press Jumps (an explosive jumping jack with a press at the top while you were in the air) and Clean Lunge Jump (from a squatted position jumping into a back lunge, while performing a clean with your light weight). My legs were so tired from the day before that I didn’t feel I could perform these exercises with correct form. I used the modifier for the full minute, but my goal is to do 30 seconds of these exercises without modifying next Friday and by the final week complete them without modifying! I have no idea why, but our golden retriever loves cardio workouts! She will bring us her toys, dance around, roll on the couch and wag her tail. By the end of the workout we were covered in sweat and had tired herself out from all of the excitement. She fell asleep upside down on the couch while I was reheating leftovers for dinner. While my legs are completely dead between Lower Fix Extreme and Cardio Fix Extreme, I am so proud of what David and I have accomplished over the past 5 days. We have stuck to the plan and we are already feeling and seeing results.


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